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    Soft + Sustainable.

    Sustainability means a whole lot of things to us at Malabar Baby.  The products we create, the amazing artisan teams we work with, the resources we use, re-use and recycle and how we give back to our communities is key to keeping us passionate about coming to work everyday.  There is no doubt that the world of textile is evolving each day, however, as we set out on our mission at Malabar Baby a few fundamentals have not changed:

    • We create products that we have personally tested on our own families and use everyday in our daily routines
    • We partner with factories, artisans and teams that our Founder and/or team members visit regularly.  In the time of Covid, we are thankful for Zoom and strong wifi in India!  Most of our supply chain as been partering with us for over 5+ years.  
    • We have longstanding relationships with our manufacturers (over 5+ years) and work on impactful initiatives to give back together.  Our latest giving back initiative is in collaboration with Pee Safe India is to provide hygienic and organic Period Care to women in India
    • We are obsessed with our pure Indian Cotton voile and Organic Muslin but, we are aware that a lot of water goes into making pesticide free cotton.  We are doing our best to ensure we Re-Use + Recycle water.  One of our leading manufacturers is woman founded and key member of 'Jaipur Bloc' (Jaipur Bloc is supported by the UK charity Traidcraft and the European Commission's 'Switch Asia' programme, with the mission to "promote the production and consumption of textiles from Rajasthan that are both environmentally friendly and positively impact on poor workers and their communities."  The main focus of Jaipur Bloc is simple in concept- A group of factories sit in one location that have a very green, well-engineered water filtering system that allows them to stay connected, share water and recycle water across all the hand block-printed processes of creating textile. 
    • We have more demand than supply - Always.  That's our motto.  You will not find us in the clearance sale rack ever or in a landfill.  Buy once, buy less and buy smart.  Consumers actually don't realize how important this really is in leading a sustainable business and being kind to the planet.    
    • Kindness is key to us.  We are inspired by our partners, clients and community.  Over the last few years we have been honored to collaborate and share with the following organizations in a meaningful way:  Mother's Choice Hong Kong (we specifically donate bedding to the orphans living at the NGO and we do projects from the heart, such as photo shoots for moms who are going to give their babies up for adoption.  Feeding India and Feeding From Far are 2 organizations based in Mumbai, India that we have collaborated with during COVID to feed over 10,000 meals to those affected by COVID and who are now unemployed.  On our website, we often run "Buy One, Give One campaigns and donate directly to hospitals in need of baby essentials. Thankfully, these campaigns are really well received by our clients and our latest 'Give One' beneficiaries have been newborns in need at Harlem Hospital and Bellevue Hospital in New York City.  Read our blog to learn more about these amazing organizations.