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    Introducing Malabar Baby’s New Whimsical Character Soft Toy Rattles!

    Introducing Malabar Baby’s New Whimsical Character Soft Toy Rattles!

    We’re on a roll at Malabar Baby: this month, we have released a series of four soft rattles for your little ones. Handmade and safe, without any small parts or embellishments, the four toys are inspired by nature in Asia.

    Malabar Baby Soft Rattles: Elli the Elephant

    Check out Elli the Elephant: she’s kind, innocent and close to her family. Although Elli is a little clumsy, she will soon find her footing as she grows up. Eventually, she’ll be the leader of her herd, just like her mama.

    Malabar Baby's Soft Rattles: Mani the Monkey

    Next, we have Mani the Monkey. He’s adventurous and rambunctious, and inevitably gets himself into trouble. He thinks he’s one step ahead of everyone, and loves to pull pranks on his brothers and sisters. Sharp as a tack, he loves to swing from tree to tree, in search of his favorite fruit: bananas.

    Malabar Baby's Soft Rattles: Tara the Tiger

    Tara the Tiger is smart and in charge. Strong and independent, everyone in the jungle can hear her when she roars. Tara can be seen from miles away because of her beautiful, bright fur.

    Malabar Baby's Soft Rattles: Lakshmi Lotus

    Elli, Mani and Tara always meet at the lotus pond, near Lakshmi Lotus. It’s their safe zone, a place for them to be together. Lakshmi Lotus symbolizes good fortune, prosperity and purity of heart and mind. Even though Lakshmi’s roots are in the dirtiest of waters, she produces beauty and magic for everyone to appreciate.

    The soft rattles are Kantha stitched, a type of embroidery popular in West Bengal. Artisans use this type of stitch to make saris, quilts and throws in bold colours. It is one of the oldest forms of embroidery in India. 

    Our four toys are perfect for your munchkins to play and grow up with! They’re available in our online store now, for US$34 each.

    Hot Off The Press: Malabar Baby Featured In The News!

    Hot Off The Press: Malabar Baby Featured In The News!

    Extra, extra, read all about it! Did you know that Malabar Baby has been featured all around the globe, in all manners of press and media? Here are some of our favorites. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all of our media partners who have given us love over the years! 

    Local Love

    Malabar Baby has been featured in a number of our favourite Hong Kong websites and blogs (our HQ is in HK!).

    Check us out on Green Queen’s Eco, Organic & Plastic-Free Baby Guide, perfect for new moms navigating and eco-chic existence in the 852. Green Queen is an award-winning platform advocating for social and environmental change in Hong Kong.

    Little Steps Asia has us prominently placed in their post on Bedding for Kids & Babies. They’re also raving about our amazing baby blankets, made from organic cotton. Little Steps Asia is all about sourcing the hippest, chicest and bestest things to do with kid in Hong Kong.


    Sassy Mama Singapore threw a baby shower for one of their own, and we sponsored the “Whole Shebang” Gift Set, including a reversible quilt, a super soft fitted crib sheet, one quilted pillow cover (with hypoallergenic filler), and two bolster pillow covers, all in the stunning “Southside Blue” pattern. We also gifted a gorgeous “Mandala” Organic Swaddle blanket.

    … and Beyond

    If you’re looking for Pinterest in a magazine, check out US print magazine Better Homes & Garden. Find us featured in their 2019 edition, on page 6.

    Playtime Paris took a trip to Southern Mumbai, sharing the details of Malabar Baby’s history, as well as news of our attendance at their annual trade show. 

    Indian parenting and pregnancy website KidsStopPress is #SimplifyingParenting, and has a dedicated article on the most Instagram-worthy bedding for your little one’s bedroom, have a read here. Malabar Baby has also been nominated by KSP two years in a row as the best bedding brand in India. The site is run by parents for parents!

    Daily Indian newspaper The Hindu featured Malabar Baby back in 2017 in an article about local mompreneurs. Find us among other mamas who have made slings and cloth diapers for their munchkins.

    On our Founder

    Anjali’s story on the beginnings and inspiration behind Malabar Baby has been featured on AsianEntrepreneur.org. She share her story on how she left the corporate world and started the company in 2014.

    Anjali is also a #SheBoss Mama on CATCH, a community celebrating mothers and women. Check it out and have a read of some amazing Hong Kong mamas and local, sustainable, eco-friendly brands.

    Spring Forward: Seasonal Trends Malabar Baby Was Inspired by For Our New Organic Swaddles

    Spring Forward: Seasonal Trends Malabar Baby Was Inspired by For Our New Organic Swaddles

    We’re feeling the heat this season as we sprint into spring. At Malabar Baby HQ in Hong Kong, we’ve been gearing up for all things floral and garden-themed with the launch of our brand new organic muslin swaddles. Don’t worry, they’re the same fabric and quality you know and love, we’ve simply had a burst of inspiration for our brand new prints.

    Pantone: Color Trends for 2019

    Pantone’s color trends for 2019 embrace nature, with deep blues, pastel and lime greens. The “Color Play” palette is typical of springtime soft-hued shades, along with the “Innocence Palette”.

    Don’t forget Pantone took an environmental approach to picking their new color of 2019: Living Coral, a rich, warm coral hue, perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

    Hues of Blue: Malabar Baby's Spring Collection of Swaddles

    Hues of Blue

    Malabar Baby has taken color inspo from Pantone’s “Embracing Nature” palette for two of our new swaddles. We love the blue forget-me-not print, symbolizing true love… of course you’ll want to wrap munchkin up in in this striking medium-blue print. And the cornflower blue butterfly pattern signifies spring to a tee. 

    Full Bloom: Malabar Baby's Spring Collection of Pink Swaddles

    Full Bloom

    We’ve got a print of pink lotus flowers, symbolizing purity and beauty… perfect for our beautiful new born bubs! And when you’re wanting your cherub to get some shuteye in the early hours, remember that the poppy flower on our red swaddle symbolizes peaceful sleep. Maybe… just maybe, they’ll fall into a sweet slumber while tucked in this swaddle.

    Shop our organic muslin swaddles for USD $18 here.

    Organic Cotton vs Bamboo for Bedding, PJs and Towels… Say what?!

    Organic Cotton vs Bamboo for Bedding, PJs and Towels… Say what?!

    We’re all about creating hand-crafted, unique items for your bub -- you’ve seen our quilts, crib sheets and of course, our brand new pajama sets and loungewear. In this edition of our blog, we’re sharing more about our organic swaddles, pure cotton bedding and our use of bamboo fabric… which is part of an upcoming super secret product launch!

    Malabar Baby: Our collection of brightly-coloured and beautifully-patterned swaddles

    What makes our cotton so great?

    Our gorgeously-printed swaddles are made with soft, organic cotton. The threads are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which means it contains a minimum of 95% organic fibres. But what does that actually mean? Put simply, the cotton threads are grown without pesticides and insecticides, in healthy soil and using safe peroxides. And THAT’S what we use in our items.

    Our quilts are hypoallergenic and breathable. They have a natural cotton filling (cotton batting), keeping your tot warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s just like having a natural, built-in thermostat. That's exactly why we've chosen to use Indian home-grown cotton, instead of any heaty polyester. 

    Malabar Baby uses high-quality bamboo for some of its products

    What’s the deal with bamboo fabric?

    Bamboo is way more absorbent than organic cotton, about 40% more absorbent. It helps to wick moisture -- or draw out and away the moisture -- from your skin faster, keeping you dry and comfortable.

    Ultimately, bamboo is a better renewable resource, as it grows much faster than cotton, and needs only ⅓ of the water to grow compared to cotton. It’s got a smaller environmental impact during the cultivation stages. However, it only remains sustainable if manufactured under the right conditions with limited use of chemicals. We use bamboo in certain select products, which we think have a lasting, positive effect on the environment… we're truly trying to do our best to keep things sustainable at Malabar Baby.

    Fun Fact:

    Bamboo fabric supposedly has antibacterial and antifungal properties, too. It’s not quite been proven, but allegedly, the bamboo kun (smack in the middle of the bamboo fibres) have antibacterial, anti-fungal and odour-resistant properties. All of this makes bamboo the perfect material to use for our super secret product, launching very soon… Can you guess what it is?

    Malabar Baby: The dyes used are free from chemicals

    Lastly, what makes our dyes awesome?

    It’s simple: our beautiful and gorgeous prints are made without harmful pigments in our dyes, known as azo-free dyes. So you’ll know that whether you’re wrapping your little one up in a swaddle after bath time or tucking them to bed with a quilt, your munchkin won’t be breathing in or coming into contact with any harmful chemicals. And to get even more technical, the technique in which we print helps keeps our products soft to the touch- never stiff or scratchy.

    Phew! And there’s more on the technical side of our products at Malabar Baby. Hopefully, we’ve managed to break it down easily enough for you to make a more informed decision when choosing the best products for your little one!

    Featured image by kazuend on Unsplash