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    Our story.

    My search for beautiful and natural baby linens began in 2014 when I moved from New York City to Hong Kong and became pregnant with my son, Aryan. 

    The thought was simple: good bedding was fundamental to my night’s sleep, and so of course it was a top priority when considering the comfort of my child.

    I looked high and low to find bedding, swaddles, and accessories that were well-made, of high-quality materials, and not boring! Just because I was becoming a mom didn’t mean I wanted to lose my sense of style or compromise on aesthetics.

    Unfortunately, nothing I could find was affordable or accessible. So, I decided to quit my ten-year stint in the corporate world and begin the journey that ultimately lead to the birth of Malabar Baby.

    After migrating to Asia, I found myself surrounded by talented designers and flourishing production hubs. With my passion ignited, I called on my family’s decades-long history of manufacturing in China and India to create bedding of our own. 

    Handmade, natural . . . and dreamy?

    Malabar Baby is the result of years of exploration, collaboration, and discovery and was inspired by the area in southern Mumbai (Malabar Hill) where my family currently resides. It was truly a labor of love—a lengthy and exciting process that allowed me to combine my lifelong passion for travel with my love of block-printing, and to reconnect with my family’s deep East Asian roots.

    I am incredibly grateful and excited to have a global team of talented designers, artisans, and family by my side. Together, we are proud to offer your child the same handmade, organic bedding I wanted for my son, Aryan.

    Happy snuggling!



    Founder of Malabar Baby

    The handmade art of Malabar.

    From the drawing board to your nursery, all of our bedding is meticulously designed. The art of every baby quilt takes 7 days of dedicated hands-on attention to detail. The element of human touch means each piece is always unique.


    Raw Materials

    Our founder, Anjali, spent over a year hunting for the best source materials and manufacturing sites across India and China.


    Inspired Designs

    We take our design cues from nature, traditional ethnic patterns, gorgeous locales, and iconic architecture. A hand-drawn sketch is traced onto wood and hand-carved to create the perfect block. Many individual blocks come together to form one design.


    An Artisan's Touch

    Our talented and dedicated team stretches the fabric across their work surface and block-prints by hand, carefully layering one color at a time. It’s truly a labor of love and no two quilts turn out exactly the same. 


    The Perfect Snuggle

    After being carefully hand-stitched together, our baby quilts are packaged and shipped to your door, ready for out-of-the-box snuggling in style.

    A Global Affair

    Our designers hail from all corners of the globe and all walks of life, including the United States of America, Mumbai, and Hong Kong. We are proud to share with your child a truly international project that we believe represents the best the world has to offer.


    Our inspiration.

    All of our bedding is inspired by mesmerizing cities from around the globe. Each unique collection strives to capture the nuances of those regions and convey the vibrant energy that pulses through its streets.

    Southside. Classic yet playful, the Southside Collection recreates the geometric shapes and traditional Indonesian Ikat patterns.

    Erawan. Inspired by the streets of Thailand, the Erawan Collection’s subtle grey brushstrokes and sophisticated amber piping is simple yet chic.

    Miami. Using small delicate floral block-prints and large art deco-inspired patterns, this vibrant pink and teal Floridian-inspired collection is free-spirited and luxurious.

    Greenwich. The New York-inspired Greenwich Collection has been curated in subtle black and grey hues, integrating effortlessly with the rest of your urban home.

    The Fort. Collection brings the ancient art of block-printing to the forefront through architecturally inspired motifs modernized with strong, rich patterns and borders.

    Pink City. Through an array of rose-colored hues, the Pink City Collection combines hand-crafted floral motifs with bold, vibrant borders.



    Our promise to our littlest clients.

    Aside from bath time, not a moment goes by when your newborn isn’t exposed to fabric. From their crib bedding to their swaddles, it is essential that your baby’s skin is embraced by only the most natural and gentle organic materials.

    Our littlest clients are the future of the world, and they deserve the absolute best this world has to offer. They grow up fast, so make every snuggle count!