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    Blog — newborn baby

    Malabar Baby x Mother’s Choice: Every Child In A Loving Family

    Malabar Baby x Mother’s Choice: Every Child In A Loving Family

    There are some decisions in life that are just so difficult to make, and Hong Kong-based organization Mother’s Choice is all too aware of it. Helping out pregnant girls and women, the organization supports those who are left with the challenging decision of caring for their newborn baby or putting him or her up for adoption. Malabar Baby has been assisting Mother’s Choice in many different ways for the last two years, from volunteering time and donating gift sets for the new bubs. How fitting that November is National Adoption Month, which encourages the adoption of children currently in foster care – a permanent home for all children. 


    Our latest project is ongoing: Malabar Baby’s founder, Anjali, meets with the teens and women who are pregnant and staying at Mother’s Choice, offering them her time and words of encouragement. Most recently, she sat with them and assembled Malabar Baby gift sets with the pregnant mums, writing notes to the adoptive families who would be receiving the gifts. One expecting mama wrote, “Wishing you healthy and happy growth, happy everyday at kindergarten, everyday to eat vegetables, and to grow up quickly!”

    There is a real need for volunteers in the evening hours at Mother’s Choice and the organization needs more support for the women who are going through this challenging time in their lives. The girls and women are all amazing, and Mother’s Choice plays an incredible role to make them feel safe, no matter their decision. 

    Got a skill you’d like to share with the girls? Or time in the evening to give some love and snuggles to a little one? Drop an email to snuggle@malabarbaby.com if you’d like to offer make-up lessons, do a photography shoot, join in some art projects or volunteer your time for some prenatal yoga. Mother's Choice is always looking for partners in the wider Hong Kong community to collaborate with and offer the girls something different each time. 


    For newborns to have a headstart in life, Malabar Baby donates different gift sets with the softest organic, swaddles along with decorative cushions and a blanket. A foster family has all that it needs to get a newborn settled at home in their bed – bedtime doesn’t get better than that. We also donate swaddles, towels and bedding for kiddos to use at Mother’s Choice Child Care Home, where they have space for up to 32 typically developing babies (Baby Care) and 12 children with special needs (Wee Care). 

    More about Mother’s Choice

    Mother’s Choice believes every child should be part of a loving family. CEO Alia Eyres has had close ties to Mother’s Choice since she was 9 years old, as her parents and family friends founded the organization. She says: “Watching my parents and their friends make generosity and service a priority inspired me to want to make a difference to the lives of others. Even though Hong Kong is a beautiful and amazing city, there are so many who are in need in our community.”

    One of the initiatives at Mother’s Choice is Project Bridge. It connects nurturing volunteer families to children in need of temporary care. Volunteer families provide these kiddos with a safe and loving family environment, before Mother’s Choice can either reunite with their birth family or join an adoptive family as soon as possible. Learn more about how you can get involved with Mother's Choice: https://www.motherschoice.org/en/

    Organic Cotton vs Bamboo for Bedding, PJs and Towels… Say what?!

    Organic Cotton vs Bamboo for Bedding, PJs and Towels… Say what?!

    We’re all about creating hand-crafted, unique items for your bub -- you’ve seen our quilts, crib sheets and of course, our brand new pajama sets and loungewear. In this edition of our blog, we’re sharing more about our organic swaddles, pure cotton bedding and our use of bamboo fabric… which is part of an upcoming super secret product launch!

    Malabar Baby: Our collection of brightly-coloured and beautifully-patterned swaddles

    What makes our cotton so great?

    Our gorgeously-printed swaddles are made with soft, organic cotton. The threads are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which means it contains a minimum of 95% organic fibres. But what does that actually mean? Put simply, the cotton threads are grown without pesticides and insecticides, in healthy soil and using safe peroxides. And THAT’S what we use in our items.

    Our quilts are hypoallergenic and breathable. They have a natural cotton filling (cotton batting), keeping your tot warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s just like having a natural, built-in thermostat. That's exactly why we've chosen to use Indian home-grown cotton, instead of any heaty polyester. 

    Malabar Baby uses high-quality bamboo for some of its products

    What’s the deal with bamboo fabric?

    Bamboo is way more absorbent than organic cotton, about 40% more absorbent. It helps to wick moisture -- or draw out and away the moisture -- from your skin faster, keeping you dry and comfortable.

    Ultimately, bamboo is a better renewable resource, as it grows much faster than cotton, and needs only ⅓ of the water to grow compared to cotton. It’s got a smaller environmental impact during the cultivation stages. However, it only remains sustainable if manufactured under the right conditions with limited use of chemicals. We use bamboo in certain select products, which we think have a lasting, positive effect on the environment… we're truly trying to do our best to keep things sustainable at Malabar Baby.

    Fun Fact:

    Bamboo fabric supposedly has antibacterial and antifungal properties, too. It’s not quite been proven, but allegedly, the bamboo kun (smack in the middle of the bamboo fibres) have antibacterial, anti-fungal and odour-resistant properties. All of this makes bamboo the perfect material to use for our super secret product, launching very soon… Can you guess what it is?

    Malabar Baby: The dyes used are free from chemicals

    Lastly, what makes our dyes awesome?

    It’s simple: our beautiful and gorgeous prints are made without harmful pigments in our dyes, known as azo-free dyes. So you’ll know that whether you’re wrapping your little one up in a swaddle after bath time or tucking them to bed with a quilt, your munchkin won’t be breathing in or coming into contact with any harmful chemicals. And to get even more technical, the technique in which we print helps keeps our products soft to the touch- never stiff or scratchy.

    Phew! And there’s more on the technical side of our products at Malabar Baby. Hopefully, we’ve managed to break it down easily enough for you to make a more informed decision when choosing the best products for your little one!

    Featured image by kazuend on Unsplash