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    Blog — covid19

    Malabar Baby in New York City: COVID-19

    Malabar Baby in New York City: COVID-19

    2020 has definitely been life-changing for everyone around the world. COVID-19 has been ongoing, putting a strain on medical systems and healthcare workers. We knew we wanted to share some cheer, but, as a small business what could we do to truly make someone smile and feel loved? With the help of some amazing front-line workers who proactively reached out to us, we have been able to share Malabar Baby love at two hospitals in New York. Thank you to Sarita from Bellevue Hospital and Ploy from Harlem Hospital for being such courageous front-line heroes and helping us continue our #smallactsofkindness One for One charity initiative.

    Snug blankets given to healthcare workers at hospitals in New York City

    We spoke to both of them and heard about their experiences during this trying time. Bellevue Hospital in New York City has been treating patients from all walks of life, and to show them our appreciation, we donated snug blankets to front line workers. Speaking to Sarita, she says, “Working during COVID-19 has been extremely difficult for everyone on the front lines. Going into work everyday with the fear that you might catch COVID-19 or spread it to a loved one is very stressful. Many companies and people have realized the extra pressures healthcare workers have been facing and have donated many items to help alleviate the stress. It’s nice to see that we are being appreciated for all the work we’re doing.”

    Harlem Hospital: Pediatric ward and the impact of Covid-19

    Ploy, from Harlem Hospital, adds, “I was always worried about getting myself sick and spreading it to loved ones at home. It was a scary experience to witness, especially how quickly and abruptly patients get sick. Luckily, with the pediatric population, the children haven’t been impacted as heavily.”

    Infants at two New York City Hospitals wrapped in Malabar Baby swaddles

    Ploy continues, “It appears to have returned to normalcy, but we are also terrified of a second wave reappearing. Our advice: continue to wear a face mask, adhere to social distancing rules and simply show your community that you care. These are the most important ways people can help!” 

    Malabar Baby’s support is always with healthcare workers around the world who are doing all they can to treat patients during this pandemic. Our hearts go out to all of those who have been affected in any way, and we wish all of our readers and friends well.

    We have more swaddles to share and more love to spread, please send us an email, if you know a cause in need: snuggle@malabarbaby.com.

    A Letter from Anjali: Introducing the Marigold Swaddle

    A Letter from Anjali: Introducing the Marigold Swaddle

    Hi everyone, 

    It’s safe to say that the world is going through a strange time right now, and we’re so touched by the current situation. We’re all in this together, experiencing the magnitude of the circumstances. I hope all of our blog readers and our customers are keeping safe and following the social distancing rules wherever you are around the world. We love hearing your updates and have been so moved by some of your birthing stories the past few weeks.

    I’ve been in India for just about two months, spending time with my family and little one in Malabar Hill. India has been on a full lockdown for more than 50 days. This time has given me the opportunity to reflect on the importance of family.  We’ve slowed down, learning some patience and gratitude along the way… 

    Malabar Baby: painting, printing and final product of our Marigold Swaddle

    While huddled up at home, Malabar Baby has launched a new print for our swaddles: Marigolds. The flowers remind me of my days growing up in India, and the irony is I’m back here, in my parents home in the middle of a lockdown. It’s reminded me how things come full circle and how important friends and family are. Malabar Baby is also proud to announce that during the months of May, June and July 2020, upon purchase of a Marigold Swaddle, one will be donated to a baby in need as part of our One for One charity initiative.

    If you know a small non-governmental organization (NGO) or special cause that could use our help, kindly send us an email at snuggle@malabarbaby.com. I’m amazed at the kindness I’ve witnessed during these difficult times, and I’m passionate about being part of the cycle. 

    Finally, I’d like to end on a poignant note with a quote from author Jumpa Lahiri: “Rather than interpret this malady, resist it. Stay home, connect through conversations. Let words become pathways to new spaces. Let them prevail over our isolation. Let them be the air that we breathe.”

    Sending you all love and light,